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Friday, March 3, 2017

Morningside Elementary 2016-2017

Morningside Elementary Staff
Thank you for completing a survey for your child’s teacher. Your input is very important to us. Please consider filling out an additional survey for the following:
  • ·         If your child attends resource fill out one for Mrs. Wilson (4th – 5th). Mrs. Black for (K-3rd)
  • ·         If your child attends the ELL classroom please fill one out for Mrs. Dobbs
  • ·         If your child attends the Title 1 classroom please fill one out for Ms. Walters
  • ·         If your child attends a session with our counselor please fill one out for Mrs. Behrens
  • ·         If your child does not attend resource, Title 1, ELL or the counselor please fill out a survey for one of the following: Music – Mr. Gibson, Math/Science – Mrs. Ashby, PE – Mr. Schwartz or Mrs. Hill

When you have finished the survey please remember to click the submit button at the bottom of the survey.

Thanks you

Certified Teacher Survey 2016-2017

Mrs. Anderson
Mrs. LeBlanc

First Grade
Mrs. Eller
Mrs. Freeman
Mrs. Hohnhorst
Mrs. Lent
Mrs. C. Olson

Second Grade
Mrs. Gingell
Miss Myers
          Miss Waterman

Third Grade
Mrs. M. Olson
Mrs. Sato
Mrs. Speicher
Mrs. Tauszik

Fourth Grade
Mrs. Ahern
Mrs. Martin
Mrs. Paul
Mr. Rahe

Fifth Grade
Ms. Finch
Mrs. Isaacs
Mrs. Price
Ms. Sommer

Title I
Miss Walters

Mrs. Dobbs

Mrs. Behrens

K-3 Resource
Mrs. Black

3-5 Resource
Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Hill

Mr. Gibson

5th Block – Math / Science
Mrs. Ashby